3D Artist and
Unity Developer

Hi there! My name is Pascal. I am a freelance 3D artist and Unity Developer.

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I am celebrating my fourth year as a 3D Artist!

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The tools of the trade

Unity Logo

Unity Engine

I started working with the Unity Engine since I started in game development. I have enough knowledge of C# to be able to develop my own apps!

Maya Logo

Autodesk Maya

Maya is my primary modeling and animation tool. But I started out using Blender and right now I am learning Houdini which is very powerful!

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Zbrush changed my life! To create organic models, it is so much fun to use! I create most of my characters in Zbrush before rigging them in Maya or Blender.

Substance Painter Logo

Substance Painter

My go-to software when it comes to PBR texturing. Substance and Photoshop are a powerful team that I really love using!

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Check out my Sketchfab page for my other models!

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